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My name is Susana, and as you have probably seen I love taking pictures of people. I've been holding a camera longer than I can remember, but I didn't actually start taking professional images until I started working for JCPenney Portraits a few years ago. Soon after that, I launched my freelance career and Syzygy Photography was born.

Many people wonder why I chose such an uncommon name for my business, and well, that is the answer: it is a beautiful yet not frequently used word. Syzygy means "a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun," in other words, an eclipse. Also, the word syzygy contains my initials, SGZ, rearranged.

I'm currently based in West Palm Beach, FL. I attended Florida Atlantic University where I received a Bachelor in Fine Arts. I've been very lucky to learn from great teachers, and I keep learning every day to give my clients the best of me. I'm very passionate about what I do, and I believe it shows in my work.

I am a cat mom, and the handsome guy in the picture is my boyfriend Deinier. He assists in most of my shoots, so you'll most likely see him carrying my equipment around while he's on his phone.

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